~Spanish Inspired Small Plates~

Chicken and Serrano Ham Croquettes 3 ea
Pearl Bakery Baguette   3
olive oil. sea salt
House Potato Chips  4
salsa vermella
Mixed Olives  6
Bravo Plate   12
olives. jamon serrano. aged manchego. baguette
Rotisserie  Cauliflower  8

green goddess. chili oil
Garlic Prawns "gambas al ajillo"  12
Potatoes Bravas   7

traditional or jojo style
Radicchio Salad   7/12
aged manchego. olive tapenade. sherry vinaigrette. garlic bread crumbs


Rotisserie Pork Loin Bocadillo   8
rotisserie pork loin. griddled manchego. caramelized onion. romesco
Rotisserie Roast Beef Bocadillo *   12
rotisserie roast beef. olive oil. sea salt

Pollo Bravo

~Mary's Rotisserie Chicken~
Quarter Bird 7
choose one sauce
Half Bird   13
choose two sauces
Whole Bird   24
choose two sauces
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner   12
quarter bird & radicchio salad. choose one sauce
Winner Winner Familia Dinner 40
whole bird. potatoes bravas & radicchio salad


Josh's Fermented Hot Sauce   .5
Bravo Aioli   .5
Romesco   .5
Green Goddess   .5
Sopa de Ajo   .5


* The consumption of raw or undercooked meat, eggs, and seafood may increase your risk of food-borne illness

~please inform us of any dietary restrictions~
dishes may contain nuts, gluten, pork or chicken stock
olives may contain pits